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We love our patients and take pride in serving you!

Our Story

We work hard to source the best local products from all over Oklahoma. We take every price point, allergy, preference, and benefit into consideration when choosing the products to share with our customers.

When you come by, you’ll find yourself in a warm, welcoming environment that reflects our eclectic style. Our budtenders are happy to assist if you need advice or recommendations. Take your time and explore what Hamilton’s Bud and Bloom has to offer.


Kirk and Sherri Hamilton are the proud owners of Hamilton’s Bud and Bloom. They grew up down the street from each other in Broken Arrow and are now raising their 5 children just miles from their own childhood homes. They are members of the Chamber of Commerce and are dedicated to community improvement. They began their journey to open a dispensary several years before Oklahoma passed the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative 788.

In 2016, Sherri Hamilton’s mother, Sandy, passed away from lung cancer. Towards the end of her chemotherapy treatments, Sandy moved out of state and received palliative care for her terminal illness. This palliative care consisted of becoming a user of a state-approved Medical Marijuana program. During her stay in hospice, Sandy spoke very highly of the effects of Medical Marijuana on her cancer symptoms. She experienced a great deal of relief through the program. After Sandy passed away, her daughter Sherri inherited the building that Hamiltons Bud and Bloom resides in. Kirk and Sherri felt that it would be a wonderful way to honor Sandy’s memory, by using the building in their plans to open a Cannabis Dispensary.

Their goal is to help others in need and employ staff that is passionate about educating the public and the outcomes of their patients’ experiences. Hamilton’s Bud and Bloom is working towards removing the stigma associated with Cannabis and helping the community to see that Cannabis can be a strong asset to the health and wellness of people of all ages.  


Committed to enhancing every customer experience

Focused on listening to your needs and making recommendations
Goal-oriented on building relationships with our customers
Dedicated to maintaining a welcoming environment for all customers




  • What is your favorite product that we carry in store? So many to choose from! My personal favorite would be the Tenkiller Trees infused blunts. My favorite product for our patient’s would be Hamilton’s branded RSO. It’s an amazing product that is working wonders for cancer patients. 
  • What do you do in your spare time?  I am a natural introvert so I love being able to enjoy some downtime watching reality TV and movies. 
  • What is something people should know about you? I am not mad.. this is just my face. 
  • How has cannabis affected you personally? I suffer from high functioning anxiety. I have been using Cannabis for years to help alleviate anxiety and depression. 


Assistant Manager.

  • What is your favorite product that we carry in store?  All the flower! Also Ruby Mae’s prerolls never seem to disappoint. Mari Bliss products are another favorite of mine. Her products smell amazing!
  • What do you do in your spare time? I love to take my kayak out on the lake, spend time with my family, hiking, and chill at home being lazy binge watching Netflix.
  • What is something people should know about you? I strive to live somewhere in the mountains or next to a river one day!
  • How has cannabis affected you personally? Over the course of 2 years,  Cannabis has allowed me to wean myself completely off of antidepressants. In addition, I was taking 200mg of Trazodone for sleep each night. I no longer need the support of prescription drugs. Thank you Cannabis!



  • What is your favorite product that we carry in store?  Hideaway Farms Tickle Stix 
  • What do you do in your spare time?  I work and attend conventions that range in Horror genre to Comics. 
  • What is something people should know about you? I enjoy making Indie films with local artists and being able to bring our hard work to the big screen. 
  • How has cannabis affected you personally? Cannabis has allowed me to help others achieve a better quality of life. 


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